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Other Fine Silica Products

Fine Silica Products are resin additives that enhance the surface smoothness and dispersibility of the media into which they are added. Their fine silica particles have a lower coefficient of friction than titanium dioxide and other popular fillers. On a molecular level, these particles are perfectly spherical in shape and move more freely to provide a superior tactile feel. Fine silica products provide catalyst support for film and synthetic leather, serve as a matting agent for paints, and act as filler for coated printing papers.

We offer the following grades: Sunspera™, Sunlovely™, M.S. GEL™, and Silica Gel. Sunspera grades feature precisely designed pore structure, spherical shapes and size distribution. Our fine silica products are available in mean particle diameters from 1.8 µm to 200 µm and with oil absorption capacities from 30 ml/100 g to 400 ml/100 g to suit any application. Surface areas are available from 40-800 M2/g. The ability to select the sphere size, pore size and spherical structure of fine silica products makes it possible to provide long-lasting, physiocochemical-specific characteristics to specific media.

  • Ultra-thin scaly silica particles with high transparency
  • Primary particle is less than 0.1 μm
  • Odorless, harmless
  • High chemical stability
  • Two forms: powder and slurry dispersed in water
  • Precisely designed pore structure, spherical shapes and size distribution
  • Improved morphology of finished polymers
  • Optimizes production
  • Narrow particle distribution and no fine particles
M.S. GEL™:
  • Particles: 2 - 200 μm
  • Specific surface: 30 - 900 m2/g, pore size (4 - 200 nm)
  • Spherical, all-porous fine particles free from cavities and cracks
  • Packs into compact form
  • Low back pressure and good separation performance
General Purpose Silica Gel:
  • 1.7 mm to 3.5 mm desiccant for packaging; 2.8 mm to 4.5 mm desiccant for industrial application
  • High grade desiccant consisting of SiO2