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Fine Silica Products for Catalysts and Industrial Applications


SUNSPERA™ silica is used as a catalyst support in the manufacture of polyethylene and polypropylene, playing a more important role than simply as a carrier for a catalyst compound. The properties of the silica gel have a significant effect on both the polymerization process and properties of the finished polymer. The pore structure, spherical shape and particle distribution of SUNPSERA for catalyst support are precisely defined. Using SUNSPERA gives improved finished polymer resin by increasing the bulk density and also ensures enhanced productivity. It is available in average particle diameters from 3µm to 100µm to suit any application. Surface areas are available from 40 – 800 m2/g. The ability to select the sphere size, pore size, and spherical structure of this fine silica  product makes it possible to provide long lasting physiochemical-specific characteristics to specific media.


SUNLOVELY™ consists of functional fine particles that are microscopic secondary particles formed by nano-sized ultra-thin silicon dioxide (SiO2) fine particles, overlapping in parallel or tertiary particles formed by three-way cohesion of the secondary particles. Applications for SUNLOVELY range from a filler for polymeric resins and inorganic coatings to heat and chemical resistant paint materials.

  • Ultra-thin scaly silica particles with high transparency
  • Primary particle is less than 0.1 μm
  • Odorless, harmless
  • High chemical stability
  • Two forms: powder and slurry dispersed in water
  • Precisely designed pore structure, spherical shapes and size distribution
  • Improved morphology of finished polymers
  • Optimizes production
  • Narrow particle distribution and no fine particles