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By 2025, it is projected that the global market for partially autonomous and fully autonomous cars will be $36 billion and $6 billion, respectively. And as the transportation industry works to bring autonomous vehicles to commercial sales, Fluon+ perfluoroalkoxy alkane (PFA) EA-2000 adhesives can help provide the required data processing speeds. These fluoropolymer compounds can also improve other performance qualities.

Improving Detection Speed in Autonomous Emergencies

Autonomous vehicles process massive amounts of sensor data from both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. The vehicles are also connected to 5G networks to send and receive operating instructions and other data.

If these connections are not laminated with the proper materials and adhesive resins, they can slow down the vehicle’s real-time decision-making. Communication problems can have catastrophic consequences when they impact operations like stopping time or blind spot detection.

AGC has developed a new printed circuit board (PCB) coating for copper clad laminate (CCL) that helps prevent communication slowdowns and ensure faster inter-car communication speeds. Fluon+ PFA EA-2000 is a perfluoropolymer with a built-in functional adhesive group. It enhances electrical characteristics and exhibits superior performance over conventional PFA, PTFE, polyimide and epoxy materials in many autonomous vehicle applications.

Fluon+ PFA EA-2000 resins:

  • Exhibit the best electrical properties, lowest dielectric constant/tangent versus liquid crystal polymer (LCP), polyimide and epoxy.
  • Have a strong adhesion to CCL that maintains signal integrity and reduces transmission loss better than PTFE.
  • Maintain a low coefficient of thermal expansion of the laminate.
  • Can be used as an additive to improve lesser performing materials.
  • Are inert to almost all chemicals and are an excellent insulating material.

Learn More about Adhesive Resins

In addition to enhanced electrical characteristics, EA-2000 adhesive resins feature heat resistance to 260 degrees C and superior chemical resistance. The grades can adhere to other polymers and metals without surface treatment or a separate adhesive layer. They also have excellent non-stick properties and water and oil repellency. Other applications for these grades include interposers, steel plate laminates, heat-resistant insulating tape and heat-resistant laminated tubing.

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