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Some of the world’s most beautiful locations come with difficult challenges for the architects and construction engineering companies who need to build there. Today’s architects look to create unique and stunning architecture that can also withstand the challenges of severe climates, and they often have to deal with sustainability requirements as well.

To keep buildings looking their best for decades, even amongst the toughest weather conditions, many firms rely on ultra-weatherable FEVE resins. We recently compiled an eBook that highlights 14 impressive structures that are both visibly stunning and are built to withstand harsh conditions because they are coated with LUMIFLON® FEVE-based coatings. Buildings and structures are more sustainable when they require maintenance less often.

The ebook, Architectural Idea Book: Buildings and Structures Coated with FEVE Resins, showcases 14 impressive buildings around the worldProjects include Burj al Arab, the world’s only 7-star luxury hotel, the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami’s exterior renovation, the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi indoor theme park with the world’s fastest roller coaster, and a massive shopping center in Frankfurt, Germany.

About FEVE Coatings

FEVE coatings protect materials such as steel, aluminum, and concrete from damage and degradation from UV light, wind, sand, salt, rain, and other harsh conditions. LUMIFLON FEVE-based coatings are the first that can be cured at or above room temperature.

FEVE resin-based coatings are used in clear or pigmented topcoats to provide an ultra-weatherable barrier for buildings and structures like bridges. Coatings can be produced with a range of gloss (from high gloss to flat finishes) in more than 230 colors. The resins are available for almost any type of coating, including solvent based resins, powder coating resins, environmentally friendly solid resins for low VOC and HAPS free coatings, and water emulsion and water dispersion resins. Features of FEVE resins:

  • Outstanding UV light, chemical, and corrosion resistance
  • Excellent weather resistance compared to conventional topcoats
  • Long-lasting color and gloss retention
  • Soluble in common solvents and compatible with water
  • Curable at room temperature or elevated temperature
  • Wide range of resin types for almost any coating market segment

Click here to download our free eBook, Architectural Idea Book: Buildings and Structures Coated with FEVE Resins.

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