High-Purity Polyols Improve the Performance of Coatings, Sealants and Adhesives

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Today’s builders and engineers rely heavily on polyurethanes. This popular plastic material is safe and versatile, making it ideal for many different end-uses. Polyurethane polymers are formed by the reaction of isocyanate and a polyol. However, because different polyols have different formulas, they are not one-size-fits-all. In fact, selecting the right polyol formulation can be the difference between creating a high-performance product and a low-performance one.

Polyurethanes are frequently used in CASE (Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomers) products in construction, electronics, industrial and automotive products. These products are often used in harsh, demanding or high-performance environments that require attributes like durability, UV resistance, and high mechanical strength. AGC Chemicals Americas has developed PREMINOL™, a high-molecular-weight, ultra-low-monol-content polyether polyol to enhance CASE products used in these applications.

Performance Advantages of PREMINOL™ Polyols

PREMINOL’s molecular weight exceeds 10,000, which provides high-performance attributes like tensile strength, durability, elongation/elasticity for CASE products. It offers good mechanical properties, workability and environmental characteristics. It can be used in elastic adhesives because of its high flexibility and high cohesive force. In addition, high mechanical strength and high elongation properties enable PREMINOL to be used in highly durable sealants. AGC employs an advanced catalyst process, which results in polyols with ultra-low monol content and narrow molecular weight distribution.

Many CASE applications take place in the field, making it challenging to use adhesives or sealants that require high temperatures to cure. The low viscosity of PREMINOL enables its formulations to seal easily, even at low temperatures. Because it is highly pure, it cures faster than other polyols, providing a shorter process time.


PREMINOL can be applied to a wide variety of curable polymers by modifying terminal hydroxyl groups.

high-purity polyols for case applications

  • NCO terminated prepolymer
  • Urethane acrylate
  • Silane terminated polyurethane
  • Silane modified polyether (EXCESTAR™)

Other application areas include:

  • Siding panel sealant (ALC panel, sash, etc.)
  • Reinforced concrete wall joint sealant
  • Building flooring adhesive
  • Decorative panel/ composite panel adhesive
  • Container sealant
  • Elevator assembly adhesive
  • Various automotive interior materials adhesive

AGC has been producing polyether polyols for the polyurethane industry since 1975. Our polyols are derived from propylene oxide (PO) so that they can be supplied to our customers stably. For more information on PREMINOL polyols, speak with an AGC product expert.

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