November 18, 2019 – New Fine Silica Products for Personal Care Products and Catalyst Supports

New Fine Silica Products for Personal Care Products and Catalyst Supports

EXTON, Pa., November 18, 2019 –AGC Chemicals Americas Inc. (AGCCA) offers many grades and products of micro-spherical silica. These are amorphous silica gels used in the formulation of cosmetics, sunscreens, and personal care products. They are also used as chromatography media, catalyst supports, functional-fillers in composite polymer systems, and specific-purpose absorption material. They are manufactured by AGC affiliate, AGC Si-Tech Company, Ltd.

AGC fine silica products are available with mean particle diameters from 1.6 µm to 200 µm, with oil absorption capacities from 30 ml/100 g to 400 ml/100 g, surface areas of 40 M2/g to 800 M2/g, and with porosities from non-porous to over 2 ml/gram.

AGC’s three major grades of fine silica are: 

  • Solesphere™:         For cosmetic and personal care use and as functional fillers or absorbents
  • M.S. GEL™:             For chromatography and chromatographic media
  • Sunspera™:            For catalyst support materials

Solesphere™ products, as an ingredient in make-ups, lipsticks, and eye products, diffuse light for a matte effect, absorb sweat and sebum, and contribute to a smooth feel in application. In skincare products and sunscreens, certain Solesphere™ products boost SPF. Solesphere™ micro-spherical silica products are safe and effective alternatives petrochemical based polymeric micro-beads, which are harmful to water-life. Highly porous Solesphere™ products are used to carry fragrances and antiseptics. Non-porous Solesphere™ products are used to provide insulating and light diffusing properti

es in specialty polymer systems.

M.S. GEL™ (Micro-Spherical) products are used in both analytical and process chromatography. High-purity, narrow particle size and pore size distributions provide for superior chromatographic performance. M.S GEL™ products are available with mean particle sizes from 1.6 microns to 200 microns, and across pore diameters of 80 Angstroms to 1,500 Angstroms. M.S. GEL™ products, make very effective media for a wide range of chromatographic separations and purifications – from small molecules, to polypeptides and proteins, to the capture of biologicals, such as monoclonal antibodies.

Sunspera™ products are used as heterogeneous catalyst supports for polymerizations, hydrogenations, and other catalytic reactions. Highly uniform spherical shape, large porosity (available to over 1.6 ml/g), high surface areas, and good particle strengths make Sunsphere™ materials effective and high-performance catalyst supports.

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